Friday, June 18, 2010

floating underwater

There are a lot of times, you're feeling life's got that sucker punch into you,

You were ready for this, the strategies were planned, the blue print was made, "bring it on" you said,
you'd taken the deep breaths quietly in front your bathroom mirror...

But then it happens, one by one, the defenders surround you, your heroic visualizations are drowned out by a fury of events, selfishness, inglorious deeds and sometimes, just plain circumstances... unexplained 'karma'.

What am i going on about? Just that even in the bleakest of life's moments, we just need to realize whats truly beautiful is not what may be immediately within our reach, and theres always the feeling of drowning, but you can choose ... to see the beauty even as you drown ...

floating underwater

by ~felinedev

Once again, a place i've been before...
hard to breathe,
thoughts run past single file,
barely pausing to cause a tremor,
gasping for air... but forcing a smile...

Warmth one wishes for,
warmth one had... for a fleeting instance,
trickles now only as droplets of memory..
deep inside, they had touched you,
but that was once...

The good book and all that,
Holy verses and flowing beards,
all at this moment,
merely diktat

The cynics will always whine,
cowards will fleece you fine,
shallow beauty in vain will infinitely pine...

But from here,
under the water pristine,
with one last breath..
and a smile....
the sun will always shine.